Fifth grade all on one page

Fifth grade all on one page


When completing the screener, and asked to enter a number, make sure you only enter numbers, do not add CM or $ or % or any other variable.

When the question has fractions in it, answer with fractions not with decimals

When entering fractions, one half is entered as this: 1/2

A mixed number like one and one third is entered as this: 1 1/3 (with a space between the whole number and the fraction)

Decimals always are entered with the leading 0, for example two tenths is entered as 0.2

The result of the screener is shown on your screen immediately after submitting the information and you will also get an email with a link to the same results.

Name of person screened
Multiplication tables are easy for me

When I do calculations I use my fingers to count

When I do calculations I use tally marks

I am good at doing long division

Fractions are difficult for me

4736 + 348 =

1200 - 249 =

58.25 + 4.6 =

0.2 x 100

132 ÷ 12 =

825 ÷ 25 =

10 x 3.82 =

691 ÷ 1000 =

Write 2/5 as a decimal

Write 0.65 as a simplified fraction

Which decimal multiplication do you see?

3 tenths + 24 hundredths =

3 tenths x 24 hundredths = 



What part of the large square is colored in?

5 ½  +  3 ¾    =   

5 ½  -  3 ¾   =

4 ½  x  3 ½  =

7 ½ ÷ 1 ¼  = 

What goes on the Question mark?

11/12  + 1/6  ?   12/18

What goes on the Question mark?

9/8 ?  12/11

How many apples in 1 basket?

How many in 12 baskets?

25% of 200 =

240 = what percent of 600?

Katie’s lunch is $17.50, she likes to give 20% tip, what is the total amount she pays? 

Ms. Janet buys snacks for her class’ field trip, the snacks come in boxes of 5 for $6.95. There are 23 students joining what does Ms. Janet have to pay?

Minnie fills a 3 feet square sandbox. When the sand is one foot deep, how many cubic feet sand did she use?

A tank is 3/5 filled with water. Chris adds 20 liters more to fill the tank completely. How many liters does the full tank hold?

Four can make a ....

The graph shows the favorite pet of 100 children. The bars in the graph do not have numbers yet. If 42 children have a dog as a favorite pet, how many children have a bunny as favorite pet?

What time is it after two and a half hours?

If 14 unit blocks cover the bottom, what is the total volume?

Estimate how many pennies there are on this stack

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