Screening and Testing for Dyscalculia, a four step process

Dyscalculia is a learning disability that makes it hard to do basic math. It is about as common as dyslexia but not very often recognized or acknowledged, as it is still very young compared to other learning disabilities. Research shows that about 4-7% of the population would have this learning disability. Many people will say things like; “math is just not my thing”, or “she’ll grow over it” without realizing that this is an inborn condition that needs remediation. Not many schools are equipped to do the testing for this learning disability and private screening and testing are expensive.

For this reason Dyscalculia Services offers this site where you can find a range of options to ensure you detect the math learning disability or dyscalculia early in the process.

NEW: We have developed a new tool for you to test. It is the Math Assessment Reasoning Strategies system aimed at finding out what the reasoning strategies are that the children can apply by math operation. It is now open in beta testing at

Free Dyscalculia Checklist

This is your first indication if something like dyscalculia could be in play. It is free and does not take long to complete. Click the picture to get access.

Free Dyscalculia screeners per grade

Short screening instruments per grade available on this site, immediate feedback and report. All free and a more in-depth view if more testing is appropriate. Ideal for parents, teachers, and schools to use. Click the picture to get access

Math and Dyscalculia Screening Test

  • 15 modules (including Number Sense and extensive Math screening)
  • Grades pre-K to 9 and above
  • You will receive your personal results emailed shortly after completing the test.

Test is more thorough and shows your actual level in math. Takes about one hour to complete.
Costs $27.50 (rebates on groups are possible contact us) click the picture to get access

In person testing

These are live contacts with us (also via remote video connection) where we do several tests to be able to provide you with a diagnosis and recommendations about remediations and accommodations. The testing  takes a few hours to complete and a report will be mailed to you after about two weeks. Costs vary depending on what testing you require and range from $475 to $850 Click the picture for more information.